Our firm believes everyone should have financial security in retirement which is why our clients have added Bonus Annuities to their retirement portfolios. Bonus Annuities give people something they can count on … Guaranteed lifetime retirement Income for you and your spouse if married, Guaranteed principal protection so regardless of market downturns including those caused by the ongoing Pandemic, your funds are NEVER at risk, and a Guaranteed up front Bonus of up to 10%, a perfect way to “turbo charge” your IRA or 401k rollover. For questions, more information, or a free personalized bonus annuity printout simply give us a call or schedule a phone appointment with one of our Annuity Pros.

Don’t YOU deserve a Bonus?

4 Reasons Why Saving for Retirement is Harder for Women

  1. On average Women earn less than Men
  2. Women take time out of the work force to focus on families
  3. Women live longer than Men and need more money to retire
  4. Divorce can often be financially devastating

If you’re a Woman and would like a free portfolio review, along with tips and advice to overcome these disparities, simply call or schedule a phone appointment with one of our Annuity Pros. We’ll listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and provide you with an honest assessment of your situation along with advice on how we can help you reach your financial goals.

Take a minute, “stick your toe in the water” – we can help you get on the right financial track. Simply contact us for a free portfolio review.

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